The Royal Charity Organization was established by M King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa in July, 14, 2001 for the purpose of caring for the Bahraini orphans coming from eligible families. In November, 4, 2001, another Royal Decree was issued by HM to assign the organization with providing care for the widows as well. Also in November, 27, 2007, yet another Royal Decree was issued to re-organize the Royal Charity Organization, with HM the King as the Honorary President of the organization and HH Shaikh Nasser Bin Hamad Al Khalifa as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Why orphan sponsorship?
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Aims and Objectives Quality policy Scope of Services
Service Insurance Resources Council of Secretairies

Our Mission:

The Royal Decree No. 33 for the Year 2007 has defined the Mission of the Organisation as follows:

  • Sponsoring the Widows and Orphans and caring for the Elderly and the People with Special Need.
  • Providing Social, Health and Educational Care, and contributing in mitigating the burden of Cost of Living in respect of the needy families.
  • Contributing in setting up and developing the Social and Charity Projects being non profit making ones, such as Orphanages, and Child Care and Disabled Centres, Centres for the Elderly, Kindergarten, Rehabilitation of the Needy Families, and Health Rehabilitation Centres.
  • Contributing in the Sustainable Development activities, for instance: Supporting setting up Small and Medium Size Projects Programmes; and specifying plots of lands for Social and Charitable Projects; and coordinating with the committed Government Organisations in carrying out Programmes and Projects in this respect.
  • Carrying out any other directives that are made by His Majesty, the Honorary President of the Organisation, and / or carrying out duties that are ratified by the Council of Trustees.

Our Vision :

To Be Ö..

 A leading Royal Organisation in the field of Charity and Social activities in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Our Message :

Through the generous Royal Care and by the Distinguished Performance, we would commit ourselves to carry out Charitable, benevolence and gracious activities; and to put in effect a humanitarian, social and economical role that pays dividend to the citizens; and to contribute in improving the cooperation spirit in order to raise the status of charity Activities; and to support the resources of the Needy People in the Kingdom.

Our Values :

RCO care for the following principles in all its charitable deeds:

  • Benevolent Deeds
  • Chastity
  • Communal Cooperation
  • Justice
  • Creativity
  • Group Activities
  • Respect of Others

Our Aims and Objectives:

Based on providing quality services to the beneficiaries, RCO have the following objectives:

  1. Ensuring beneficiary's satisfaction after render the services to them and working on obtaining further satisfaction.
  2. Increasing various educational and recreational activities to suit the orphan and widow's needs.
  3. Ever Improving and developing administrative system of the RCO and to implement the doctrine of Total Quality Control.
  4. Develop work environment and improve profession efficiency of RCO staffs.
  5. Complete all RCO systems to be in peer with the Kingdom directives i.e., towards ' automation in all government ministries'.

Quality policy:

And say you. 'work on, now Allah will behold your work and so His messenger and the Muslims'          

Surah At-Tauba            Verse 105

In the light of the godly guidance inspired to us through the Islam religion, and through the care and support granted by HM King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa, we vow to keep on carrying charity works, contribute to enhancing the humanitarian, social and economic role and provide outstanding and high quality services that can accommodate the requirements and needs of all those benefiting from the organizationís various services.

In order to be able to provide such services, we are completely committed to managing the organization based on the latest measures and principles in the field of quality management. We also promise to continue pursuing all the means required to improve this system and our performance, through providing efficient development and training programmes to the human resources at the organization and encouraging creativity and the spirit of innovation.

Our Quality Assurance Guide (Currently in arabic language only)

Scope of Services:

Orphan Sponsoring Committee work to achieve the following:

  1. Carry out charity work
  2. Enhance the humanitarian, social and economic role in a way that can positively benefit citizens.
  3. Secure widows & orphans.
  4. Take care of the elderly and the special needs group.
  5. Provide social, health and education aids and contribute to easing living burdens for the needy families.
  6. Take part in the establishment and development of unprofitable social and charity projects such as orphanages, child care & disabled organizations, old age organizations (Centers), kindergartens, rehabilitation centers for the needy and health rehabilitation centers
  7. Habilitate the needy families and Health Rehabilitation Centres.
  8. Take part in the ongoing development activities such as supporting the programme of establishing small and medium projects, allocating lands for social and charity projects and coordinating with the governmental bodies assigned with the implementation of such programmes and projects.
  9. Carry out any other similar responsibilities upon directives from His Majesty the King, the honorary president of the organization, or the board of trustees.

Service Insurance:

RCO assure the beneficiaries of its services through direct contact and various channels. RCO have a well based relationship with all parties who are interested in RCO services. RCO are also in continuous contact with the beneficiaries being orphans and widows.


From inception RCO do improve its resources and means in order to sustain providing high quality services. The available resources, in summary, are as follow:

  1. Numerous experienced and outstanding staff who are capable of caring and serving at the highest level and who are ranging from able managers, competent head of section, sincere researcher and technician, all work as one family and supervised by a sincere manger who seeks just Allah's satisfaction.
  2. We have the latest full set of computerized system and machines. For instance in-house computer network and electronic filing cabinets. We would always keep in pace with the development and would look forward to improve such instruments and resources as and when they reach us.

Council of Secretairies:

On 29th July, 2001, the Royal Court has issued a decision to nominate the following members:

Shaikh Nasser Bin Hamad Al khalifa Head of The Board of Trustees
Shaikh Adnan Bin Abdulla Alqattan VICE-PRESIDENT
Dr.Mustafa Al Sayed Secretary General
Mr. Khalid Abdulrasool Al - Sharif member